Garage Door Spring Repair “We Specialize in Torsion & Extension Spring”

One of the garage door parts we replace most frequently for our customers are the garage door torsion springs. Every garage door typically has two springs that hold up the weight of the door as it slides open and closed. After years of use, these springs suffer from wear and tear. Thus, this will require the services of a reliable garage door company providing garage door spring repair. Therefore, it is important to make sure that both of your garage door springs are maintained and not becoming old. Unfortunately, if this is the case they can snap when you least expect it, causing your garage door to not function.

There are a number of symptoms that damaged or worn out springs share. One of the most evident indicators that you need to have a professional come and inspect your door is a squealing and squeaking sound whenever you try to open or close the door. This sound may also sound like a sudden snap. If left to continue, the door will become even more damaged, eventually needing to be totally rebuilt. Call us right away if you experience any of these signs. We offer affordable prices and great service. You will be glad you called!

Is Your Garage Door Uneven? That Can Cause Problems!

Another common indicator of garage door extension spring problems is an uneven door. If your door seems to favor one side, it could mean that one of your springs is failing. The increased weight will cause damage to the rest of the door’s mechanisms. So, be sure to call us quickly and enjoy top-quality service for garage door repair Cerritos, CA. Don’t ignore such serious signs of an off track garage door. Doing so can cause major problems along the line.

If we need to replace the garage door springs, you can be sure that our spring will outlast any other on the market. In some cases, our specialty high-grade steel outperforms stock torsion spring materials by a factor of three, lasting three times as long and providing years of excellent service. Call us and see for yourself.

What Happens if The Spring Fails?

Since the spring holds the weight of the frame, a door with completely broken springs will not open. They may be small, but they carry a big part of the proper functioning of your garage door as a whole. Without professional garage door spring repair or highly specialized tools, only brute strength will get the door open. Since most garage doors are well beyond the capacity of even multiple strong individuals to lift without assistance, you are should call our emergency line immediately.

We are looking forward to assisting you right away. You can call us any time. This is because we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even on weekends on holidays! One of our expert technicians will arrive at your door in just a moments notice.